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Avemac Consulting is a data science, machine learning and product development company.  We are focused on helping clients find better ways to leverage data for enhanced product and service offerings that enable growth and operational efficiency.

Our consultants are not just data scientists and engineers, we understand business operations and how to abstract data systems for a complete view of each revenue stream and workflow.  We utilize market understanding, statistical validation and machine learning to create dynamically adaptive solutions ready for integration with your existing or new products and services.

By thoroughly understanding your business environment and key drivers we ensure our solutions deliver reliable performance, automated decision-making and are seamless extensions of your operational systems.

Event Management
The Internet of Things is growing exponentially and managing the data and events generated by all of these devices is an ever increasing task. Avemac Consulting has the expertise you need to wrangle these datasets and transform raw information into actionable insights, downstream workflow triggers and consumer value.

We leverage the same event prediction expertise to develop full life-cycle solutions for telecommunications and mobile networks that integrate seamlessly with your existing systems.
Customer Behavior and Retention
Identifying when a customer may decide to stop using your services is an age-old problem with many different solutions and varying outcomes. Leveraging trained machine learning models to guide user interactions within CRM systems, self-service portals and ecommerce sites is the next evolution of churn management and behavior-driven marketing.

Avemac Consulting engineers understand customer service processes, ecommerce and management systems. We help identify and establish the models needed to predict retention issues and improve churn specific to your business.

For B2B services, understanding how clients utilize your systems can reveal many areas for improvements and business development opportunities.
Product Development
Finding new product and service features from mountains of data points can be daunting. Especially when faced with many disparate sources and multidimensional datasets.

By leveraging our advanced machine learning and artificial intelligence experience to augment your product development and data science teams, we grow service portfolios for B2B SaaS and managed services models by organizing and modeling your business data so you can take full advantage of the resources you already have in place.
B2B Service Predictions
For organizations providing SaaS / PaaS services for business or wholesale clients, the need to properly architect and size operating environments is imperative to successful service fulfillment.

Service platforms also collect an enormous amount of data that can describe how clients use exposed functions and in what order. This workflow knowledge is a great source for discovering system improvements and new features.

The Avemac team has spent decades building SaaS ecosystems for horizontal and vertical scaling in distributed, global environments and can help your engineering and product development teams improve capabilities and hit target client SLAs.
Data Science and Machine Learning
When developing artificial intelligence and machine learning solutions it is not only important to select the right tools for the job, but also to consider future maintenance requirements, scaling for growth, reliability and provider support.

We use the latest technologies, methods and providers; creating the best solution based upon a detailed review. For advanced custom machine learning we focus on Python, C++, PyTorch / Tensorflow, Pandas, Numpy, Scikit-Learn, SciPy and Matplotlib for data evaluation, preparation, modeling and integration.

For other implementations we may utilize AWS Sagemaker, AWS EMR, AWS Redshift, MLFlow, Kubeflow, Apache Spark, Apache Hadoop, Apache Kafka, HuggingFace, NLTK, SpaCY, GloVe, Gensim, Graph databases, NoSQL databases, RDBMS systems, stored procedures and SQL.
Operational Workflows
Tracking down esoteric flaws in complex operational workflows that drain quality scores can require constant analysis and engineering overhead to maintain. Machine learning models are adept at combining disparate features from many systems to create a view of common processes as well as the uncommon, more likely to fail, scenarios.

We thrive on complex systems and finding data relationships that depict accurate workflows from inaccurate for many different process types. The more common systems include forward / reverse logistics, customer billing, payment processing, order processing and fulfillment, service provisioning, inventory / warehouse management, metrics / KPIs, customer care, provider monitoring and service desks.
Financial Analysis
Managing the financial stability of a business requires many different sets of eyes inspecting costs, operating expenses and SG&A overhead. The processes put into place to automate these steps are complex and prone to errors when subtle changes to the business occur.

Modeling key audit points with machine learning inference can provide an effective method for identifying financial concerns before they become big problems.

Avemac engineers can implement custom solutions to your specifications with a specialization in P&L, provider cost analysis, inventory, consumer and wholesale billing, and customer lifetime value.
Business Administration
Understanding how employees react to different corporate situations from an unbiased perspective can be a very valuable tool for improving culture, decision making and policy adherence.

Our solutions identify sentiment and behavior topics from email communications, documentation and administrative systems to help align your teams, understand management communication impacts and raise overall productivity.
Solutions Expertise
Once trained inference models are built, finding the best integration points to take full advantage of new capabilities can be challenging.

Our engineers design and build enterprise-grade data and service solutions for distributed cloud and on-premise end-to-end production machine learning pipelines using custom developed, open source and commercial solutions.

We also establish new data science teams, define structure and create process definitions to get your organization moving in the right direction from the start.

Full Lifecycle Expertise

From concept to implementation and in between, regardless of whether the effort is large or small, we can help guide your project to completion. 

If your company is new to artificial intelligence and machine learning technologies there are only a few options available; depending on how urgent the need.  If time permits, recruiting skilled resource as employees or slowly training internal resources are options.  If capable internal resources are available then the option to reassign, train and back-fill is available.  For rapid deployments, hiring an external advisory and engineering team is the way to go.  Avemac Consulting can help establish new teams, processes and best practices for internal resources or manage projects end-to-end as an outsourced partner. 

  • Advisory (Technical and Business Application)
  • Assessments (Existing Teams, Systems, Processes)
  • Designs (Initial Setup, ETL, Pipelines, Enhancements)
  • Discovery (Datasets, Integration Points, Features)
  • Engineering (Algorithms, Development, Setup)
  • Product (New Services, Enhancements, Planning)
  • Proof of Concepts (MVP Roadmaps, Documentation)
  • Research (Feasibility, Breakthroughs, Cost)

Extensive Knowledge Domain

It takes years of training and experience to establish credible expertise in any technology domain, but especially within the data science and machine learning technologies.  Building that skill set internally is a significant commitment of capital and time that may or may not result in expected deliverables.  The engineers at Avemac Consulting have established experience with an extensive depth and breadth of data management and technology disciplines that enable quick acclimation to client environments, a true understanding of practical applied technology for reliable performance and a clear acumen for balancing business need with system capabilities.

Data Science

  • Machine Learning and Data Science
  • Business Intelligence and Analytics
  • Data Management and Warehousing
  • ETL Data Processing and Pipelines 


  • Cloud / Hybrid Infrastructure Design 
  • High-Performance and Reliability
  • Secure API Gateways (REST / SOAP)
  • Disaster Recovery / Business Continuity


  • Operational Support Systems
  • Supply Chain / Logistics Processing
  • Inventory / Warehouse Management
  • Payment Platforms / Merchant Services


  • Managed Services Platforms
  • IoT SaaS / Network Ecosystems
  • Mobile Networks / MVNO Operations
  • SaaS/Paas Architecture / Management


  • Technology Planning / Team Structure
  • DevOps Process and Procedure
  • Vendor Management / Negotiation
  • Product / Service Development


  • Customer Service Systems / Operations
  • Ecommerce Sales / Integrations
  • Order Fulfillment / Provisioning Services
  • Subscription / Event Billing Solutions

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About Avemac Consulting

Founded in 2019, Avemac Consulting is an IT Advisory and Solutions Development company focused on machine learning, artificial intelligence, IoT and SaaS development.  Services include advisory expertise, solutions design, interim management, policy/procedure improvements, product development and hands-on engineering.