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Outsourced AI Engineering and Leadership Services

Service Overview

Avemac Consulting provides experienced AI engineering and solutions development leadership on contract.

We specialize in natural language processing, IoT event prediction, end-to-end machine learning workflow, data management, SaaS platform development, systems integration and strategic technology planning.


Always Succeed For Our Clients!

Deliver exceptional client value and innovation.
Understand and Care about our client's challenges.
Provide honest, transparent and unbiased solutions.
Continuously learn new and exciting skills.


Competitive rates and flexible contract lengths. Only a three month minimum commitment to start a new project (minimum 80 hours per month ).

We work virtually 8a-5p Central US time with occasional onsite visits as needed. Consultant engineers are generally available within 2-4 weeks of contract signing.


Minimum engineering tenure is 15 years.

Enterprise - Mid Market - Startups
Executive Strategy - Planning - Execution
Infrastructure - Development - Integration
Data Science - Analytics - Warehousing

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

Technology Planning – Systems Design – Software Engineering

AI Focus Areas

  • Email and Document Classification
  • Internet of Things Event Prediction
  • Telecommunications Usage Prediction
  • Customer Care Automation and Modeling
  • Churn Prediction and Management
  • Financial Trend Analysis and Prediction
  • Ecommerce Behavior Modeling
  • Retail Logistics and Order Prediction

Domain Expertise

Our engineers have experience with many different functional areas within technology, business operations and data science.  Having an extensive depth and breadth of knowledge allows us to quickly acclimate to new situations and truly understand how the data within each system impacts your business and how to best structure each model for optimal performance.

Besides AI and machine learning initiatives, we help with traditional technology projects in these domains as well.

Data Science

  • Machine Learning and Data Science
  • Business Intelligence and Analytics
  • Data Management and Warehousing
  • ETL Data Processing and Pipelines 


  • Cloud and Hybrid Infrastructure Design 
  • Agile Software Engineering / Policy Creation
  • Secure API Gateways (REST / SOAP)
  • Disaster Recovery / Business Continuity 


  • Operational Support Systems and Workflow
  • Supply Chain and Logistics Processing
  • Inventory and Warehouse Management
  • Payment Platforms and Merchant Services


  • Managed Services Platforms
  • IoT SaaS and Network Ecosystems
  • Mobile Networks and MVNO Operations
  • SaaS/Paas Architecture and Management


  • Technology Planning and Team Structure
  • DevOps Process and Procedure
  • Vendor Management and Negotiation
  • Technical Product/Service Development


  • Customer Service Systems and Operations
  • Ecommerce Sales and Integrations
  • Order Fulfillment and Provisioning Services
  • Subscription and Event Billing Solutions

Machine Learning

Find out more about services in Data Science and Machine Learning.

Solutions Engineering

Additional information regarding Management, Design and Engineering.

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About Avemac Consulting

Founded in 2019, Avemac Consulting is an IT Advisory and Solutions Development company focused on machine learning, artificial intelligence, IoT and SaaS development.  Services include advisory expertise, solutions design, interim management, policy/procedure improvements, product development and hands-on engineering.