Ecosystems and Internet of Things Consulting

Avemac Consulting understands how to effectively design and develop IoT ecosystems to augment existing products and services or as standalone service platforms.  We have the experience to effectively deliver a viable solution to market.

Guidance · Research · Architecture · Planning

IoT devices, networks, and services comprise a revolutionary new industry set to augment and automate everyday life ranging from commonplace retail implementations to behind-the-scenes industrial solutions.  Identifying how IoT can be leveraged to augment your existing products or services can be challenging and at the very least a complex undertaking.

Avemac Consulting provides internet of things consulting services to augment your existing portfolio or to build a custom event processing ecosystem as a new business service. 

Partnering with an expert that has experience designing and integrating IoT solutions can prevent costly mistakes and bring insight to available service options and technologies.  Our consultants provide comprehensive IoT knowledge to guide strategy and develop solutions for a wide variety of IoT concepts and delivery scenarios. 

Not Finding What You're Looking For?

We are a boutique consultancy and adapt to our client's requirements.  If you don't see the service you're in need of, give us a call and let's discuss what you have in mind.

Internet of Things Consulting Services and Expertise

Guidance and Planning

  • Concept Visualization / POC
  • Feasibility Assessments
  • Vendor Selection or Acquisition
  • Joint Venture Potential
  • Product Development Strategy
  • Implementation Oversight
  • Process Workflow and Analysis
  • Operational Flow and Service
  • Project Plan Development
  • Team Planning and Structure
  • P&L Modeling and ROI

Research and Strategy

  • Service Provider Evaluations
  • Cloud Service Providers and Suitability
  • Operational Support System Components
  • Business Support System Studies
  • Device Components / Engineering Providers
  • Custom Security Implementations
  • Communication Management and Protocols
  • Product / Service Competition and Gaps
  • Connectivity Solution Providers
  • Analytics and Behavior Monitoring
  • Machine Learning Network Integrations 

Architecture and Design

  • End-to-End Ecosystem Design
  • Network Topology and Security
  • Business Support Systems
  • Operational Support Systems 
  • Internal Requirements Definition
  • Future Proofing / Scalability
  • Clustering and HA Solutions
  • Open Source Solutions
  • Internally Developed Components
  • Partner Integration and Interfacing
  • Event Processing Normalization

IoT Ecosystems Require Advanced Expertise

As with most advanced technology solutions, entry into these markets is complicated, resource intensive and time consuming.

Selecting the right device components and determining an effective design are the first steps.  Ensuring the device is ergonomically and environmentally sound while including the minimum viable feature set and planning for future upgrades are all critical considerations for market acceptance.

Choosing communication protocols and connectivity wisely will ensure the solution maintains efficient interaction with collection and processing systems.  These decisions also have a profound impact on security, business continuity and geographic distribution.

Then there are architectural decisions to be made with regard to event normalization, time series management and analytical processing.  All of which prepare the data collected from each device for operational workflows like consumer feedback, behavioral analysis, monitoring services and usage metering.  Not to mention the administrative systems for device management, customer service and billing.

IoT ecosystems are very complex and require multi-faceted technical expertise paired with solid business operations and product development experience to properly design and implement a competitive solution into the marketplace.

How We Add Value

Our consultants have years of end-to-end experience designing and implementing IoT ecosystems that support millions of devices, high transaction-per-second throughput and distributed redundancy.  This background will help your organization with planning, technical considerations, provider identification and product strategy.

Add to that a direct understanding of consumer order management, retail business sales, and wholesale business resale models and you can be confident your consultant will have the know how to develop a solution that meets your expectations.

Avemac consultants will also analyze future implementation needs to ensure advanced planning saves your organization additional overhead and costs later on when business growth would typically expose scaling issues.

Having Options is a Huge Advantage

It is rare these days to design and develop and entire platform or ecosystem internally.  Most implementations are a mix of internal, open source and commercial products integrated together to produce a much larger, complex solution.  Knowing when to build, buy or acquire is an art unto itself.

Avemac consultants have extensive knowledge of software development, infrastructure architecture, complex systems planning, and vendor management combined with expertise in business finance and product strategy.  These traits uniquely positions your consultant to determine the most effective and profitable solutions.

Choose Your Partner Carefully

Building an IoT network is a significant, difficult undertaking by itself.  Add in the additional overhead to define and integrate adequate customer support and commerce systems, plus ensuring device network operability can be overwhelming without an experienced partner to advise, plan and guide the effort.

Avemac offers internet of things consulting to make your vision a reality.

Provider Options

In today’s world, building an IoT ecosystem from scratch should be reserved to those organizations entering the PaaS market and intend to differentiate themselves in ways the large cloud providers and other PaaS providers have not yet targeted.

Providers like Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud Services and Microsoft Azure all provide a toolbox of IoT solutions that comprise part of the overall ecosystem necessary to build an end-to-end solution.  Network connectivity, operational support systems and business commerce platforms are also key components that must be integrated in order for the solution to be effective.

Internet of Things Consulting

Avemac Consulting works with cloud providers, niche IoT services, network specialists, administrative systems providers and commerce solutions to develop ecosystems that provide end-to-end business operations coverage.