Machine Learning Consulting

Understanding how, where and when to leverage machine learning technologies can be a daunting challenge for businesses new to the technology.  It takes a partner like Avemac Consulting to advise on technical roadmaps, develop product strategy and support project delivery to ensure your machine learning goals are implemented successfully.

Research · Guidance · Definition · Planning

Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence concepts and the supporting mathematical evidence have been around for quite a while, but until the past ten years or so the application of these concepts was limited to highly specialized statisticians and large enterprises with extravagant resources.  

Today, there are multiple open source “standards”, cloud provider solutions and new commercial technology providers coming online every month that bring the benefits of machine learning technologies to the general business community.

Avemac Consulting provides machine learning consulting services that can help your organization identify actionable process points for machine learning integration, the data required to train the networks, and how to manage the long-term upkeep of each solution. 

Not Finding What You're Looking For?

We are a boutique consultancy and adapt to our client's requirements.  If you don't see the service you're in need of, give us a call and let's discuss what you have in mind.

Machine Learning Consulting Services and Expertise

Research and Guidance​

  • Internal Development Feasibility 
  • Product and Service Strategies
  • Operational Efficiency Improvements
  • Commercial Provider Solutions
  • Open Source Capabilities
  • Cloud Provider Solution Evaluations
  • Data Identification and Availability
  • Data Accuracy, Frequency and Value
  • Product and Workflow Integration
  • P&L Impact and ROI Forecasts

Definition and Design​

  • Data Element Identification and Usage
  • Solution Architecture and Workflow
  • Resource Needs and Processes
  • Business Support System Impacts
  • Network Type and Complexity
  • Training Methods and Frequency
  • External Platform Integrations
  • Technology Tools Selection
  • Data Processing Automation
  • Custom and Derived Data Elements

Planning and Delivery

  • ROI Analysis and Recommendations
  • Data Acquisition and Updates
  • Data Cleansing and Verification
  • Data Labeling and Training Validation
  • Operational Impact and Processes
  • Consumer Experience and Behavior
  • Internal / External Tools Configuration
  • Project Plan Creation and Support
  • Development Oversight and Guidance
  • Training Pipelines and Maintenance

The Applications for Machine Learning are Endless

Any data analysis task, statistical modeling, manual operations reporting, scientific or business classification, consumer loyalty evaluation, marketing behavior analysis, etc. can leverage a neural network to automate what was previously done manually or by proprietary software development.

Figuring out where and how to inject the right balance of machine learning into products, services and internal processes is the trick.  Too much and the consumer experience will suffer or costs will overrun the realistic value added…too little and the product or service becomes disjointed or the targeted value is simply not realized.

How Good Is Your Data?

Or more specifically, how good is your data labeling?  Identifying and acquiring datasets with accurate outcome results can be costly and time consuming.  If your organization is fortunate enough to have collected large and detailed operational data repositories then developing initial and ongoing segmentation, cleaning (i.e. removing statistical outliers), and labeling pipelines will quickly become a significant internal resource cost if not properly designed.

Purchasing external datasets or leveraging open source resources bring their own set of unique obstacles to overcome.  The data is only as good as the source so qualified data experts need to assess data quality before committing project resources.  If the data is not diverse enough, accurate enough or requires too much data processing overhead, the resulting neural network will not perform to expectations.

Don't Forget About Maintenance

Keeping the model current is also a consideration.  Depending upon the type of network the model may only need to be trained one time to be effective on an ongoing basis.  But networks based upon consistently changing requirements (i.e. like trends or introducing new demographics) may need to be retrained on a regular frequency; which requires forward planning and impact considerations.

How We Provide Value

Consultants at Avemac Consulting have decades of technology and leadership experience that bring end-to-end understanding of business, technology and operations to your organization.

Our team has learned expertise with machine learning concepts, integration pipelines, trend prediction models and classification networks.  We have worked with training datasets in the tens of millions of rows.  You can be assured our recommendations and solution designs will be well thought out and aligned with your organization’s needs.

We work primarily with Tensorflow, Keras and Python.  But, we are adding new machine learning technologies all of the time, like AWS cloud solution provider systems and have conducted research on proprietary commercial solutions.

Avemac provides machine learning consulting to help your organization determine the most viable path and assist with architecture and delivery.

Choose The Right Partner

machine learning consulting and services by avemac consulting

ML/AI technologies offer many business opportunities, but implementing a neural network to enhance products and services is not a slam dunk.  Identifying practical business use cases, implementing efficient processes, leveraging ML/AI tools and platforms, and properly handling input data sets are critical.  

As a solutions architect on your team, our goal will be to consider available datasets and how the data can be leveraged to improve your products, services, internal processes and your customer’s experience with your brands.  Then we’ll work together to devise a robust ROI forecast and strategy to implement.