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Helping companies build new business lines, increase profitability, and manage their technology transformations.

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Avemac Consulting provides balanced, effective strategic business management consulting and technology leadership. As with our technology consulting approach, our business management consulting practice leverages over three decades of comprehensive expertise and industry experience to help our clients grow revenues, find additional margin, build efficient operations and provide their customers with quality products and services.

Our approach is simple. 

  • We listen to your needs. 
  • We study your environment. 
  • We research and define options. 
  • We propose solutions. 
  • We help implement.

Our expertise is comprehensive.

  • Over 20 different industries.
  • Decades of experience.
  • Business management.
  • Technology innovation.
  • Product development.

Our solutions grow businesses. 

  • New revenue channels. 
  • Increased profitability. 
  • Efficient processes. 
  • Functional alignment.
  • Quality products and services.

Strategic Business Management Consultants

Developing solutions to support explosive revenue growth and size-doubling events is at the core of Avemac Consulting’s business management and technology service offerings.  We are business management consultants and understand that needs change as businesses mature and our approach evolves to match your company’s current stage of development.

Our consultants are flexible and adapt to your requirements, industry and situation.  We leverage decades of experience with technology and business operations to customize an approach specific to your circumstances.  Best practices are important, but every client objective is different and competitive advantage doesn’t occur by following the herd, innovation is the key.

Sustainable profitability is our team’s main objective when designing solutions or leading change events.  The juxtaposition of top line revenue to operating margin versus cultural impact and adherence to your company’s mission are important characteristics we take seriously.

Whether you hire Avemac Consulting to design an internal operational system, develop a new product, provide a business assessment or evaluate a technology migration, our team is committed to providing strategic solutions you can count on to help positively grow your business.

Not Finding What You're Looking For?

We are a boutique consultancy and adapt to our client's requirements.  If you don't see the service you're in need of, give us a call and let's discuss what you have in mind.

Business Management Consulting Services

We offer many services related to technology, solutions architecture and strategic business management consulting.  The most prevalent functions are listed here to showcase the depth our consultants have when supporting your business initiatives.  And in the event we need to learn a new technology or business system, we will roll up our sleeves and get the job done efficiently.

strategic Business Management Consultants

Your Avemac consultant can provide assessments for planning future improvements, strategy and risk mitigation.  The following is a sample list.  Together we can devise an assessment strategy that works for you.

  • Automation opportunities
  • Compliance reviews (i.e. PCI, CPNI)
  • DevOps and Quality Assurance
  • Disaster recovery and business continuity
  • General technology use
  • Internal IP (“Intellectual Property”) potential
  • New product discovery
  • Infrastructure refresh
  • Operations efficiency and risk
  • Systems security practices
  • Technical team effectiveness and capabilities
  • Technology budgets and planning
  • Vendor reviews for fit and function

The ebb and flow of business can place a high demand on budgets.  An Avemac consultant can help your team through the challenges of changing markets, competitive adjustments and business sizing to develop the plans and budgets needed for long-term stability.

  • Budget Management
  • Competitive Advantage
  • Expansion Planning
  • Fiscal Planning
  • Growth Challenges
  • Scalability Preparedness

If your organization requires adherence to external regulations or security protocols related to technology or electronic data transmission, Avemac Consulting can review your environment for compliance and develop findings reports your team can leverage to prepare for audits and inspections.

Specifically related to PCI, CPNI, and SSAE 16.

Improving the bottom line is oftentimes overlooked, especially during a rapid growth period.  Avemac consultants have decades of experience analyzing and improving operational processes and systems to drive down SG&A so your organization retains profits.

Growth is a good thing, but sometimes growth happens suddenly and systems and processes can’t keep up.

Avemac consultants help clients assess their existing operational landscape and propose technology and organizational solutions to meet their growing production demand.

Finding the right management fit can be very time consuming; often taking six months or longer depending on the circumstances.

Your Avemac consultant is an experienced executive leader and can help your organization manage technology, product development or operations teams part-time or on an interim basis while your company searches for the perfect candidate.

Your consultant can also participate in the vetting process to help ensure the right person is selected for the job.

Your consultant can assist your team with technology related details, operational changes, and product management pertaining to company mergers and acquisitions.

Specifically, contract details, eliminating redundancies, resource alignments, and integrating systems and services.

Our consultants can help your organization with technology transformations related to reducing costs and improving processes.

  • Change Management
  • Commercial Solutions Integration
  • Complex Delivery Workflows
  • Manual Process Automation
  • Performance Analytics and Reporting
  • Process Efficiency Improvements

Organizational structure is an imperative to efficient operations and business functions.  The wrong structure can cause unnecessary overhead, production delays and mistakes.  Avemac Consulting can help your team analyze processes to find weaknesses and then propose actionable solutions to correct the issues.

Consultants at Avemac are available to lead or collaborate with your team regarding product development and implementation.

We cover a wide range of functional services including;


  • Ideation and Brainstorming
  • Market, Industry and Competitive Analysis
  • Proof of Concept Definition and Development
  • Current Competitor Pricing to Features Comparison
  • Internal Business Capabilities Assessment
  • Feasibility Study / Consumer Demand
  • Technology Requirements / Obstacles


  • Product or Service Feature Set
  • Feature Prioritization and Release Schedule
  • Offers and Terms / Conditions
  • P&L Baseline Estimation and Targets
  • Acquisition Strategy and Retention
  • Operational Processes and Product Support
  • Technical Implementation Requirements


  • Market Testing and Refactoring
  • P&L Oversight and Performance
  • Product Delivery Schedule Adherence
  • Team Structure Definition and Job Descriptions
  • Interim Product Development Manager
  • Cross-functional Teams Oversight
  • Sales and Marketing Support


  • Sales Funnel / Channel Development
  • Marketing Content and Presentation
  • Digital Marketing Campaigns
  • Legal Contracts and Terms / Conditions
  • Operations and Support Teams
  • Technical Product Development
  • Market Entry Oversight

Complex technical or operational projects can be difficult for project managers and business analysts to manage on their own.

Sometimes the translation between technical resources and non-technical staff can create barriers, project delays and missed requirements.

Avemac consultants have a considerable amount of experience supporting project managers and business analysts to keep projects on schedule, within budget and with all requirements included.

The R&D phase of product development can be one of the most important and one of the most challenging.

Avemac Consulting can assist your team with vital research needed to visualize new products and services.

An Avemac consultant can drive the work necessary to develop the initial prototype for proof-of-concept, and can help your team with the collection of IP and patent attorney processes.

  • Competitor Evaluations
  • Market and Industry Analysis
  • Prototype Development
  • Vendor Effectiveness

An Avemac consultant can help your team identify new revenue opportunities through existing product enhancements, missing features or competitor differences.

Avemac consultants can review your technology, operations and product catalog for potential risks that may adversely impact your business.

We can also develop plans to mitigate the issues and reduce risk exposure.

Our business management consultants can evaluate your existing environment, future plans and current issues to devise an actionable plan for mitigating and implementing your company’s next technology evolution.

From operational support systems, commerce platforms, or cutting edge solutions including mobile networks, IoT ecosystems and machine learning integrations.

Selecting the right provider to fulfill a critical business task can be the difference between success and failure.

Avemac consultants have extensive experience evaluating vendors, digging into the “real” services, negotiating contracts and ensuring the selected provider integrates seamlessly into your organization.

Our services save time and prevent potential future production impact, customer negativity and lost revenues.

Industry Verticals

Our strategic business management consultants have experience with many industries and quickly learn new environments and market idiosyncrasies. As an added benefit, having such a broad exposure allows our team to draw upon valuable insights from other industries when delivering innovative solutions for your organization.


Cellular Networks

Fleet Management



Asset Tracking

Customer Service


Internet of Things




Health Services




Financial Services




Startup Company Services

Wearing multiple hats is just part of a normal day in the life of a startup and your team can make the difference between success and failure.  Partnering with an experienced specialist to help get past obstacles or think strategically can be a very wise decision and productive use of precious resources.

When working with startups, our role can take any number of directions based upon our client’s needs.  From business plan analysis, technology roadmaps, development and delivery oversight, product innovation, proof of concepts, solutions architecture or general management.

Our consultants will ensure your resources are well utilized, all established objectives are completed successfully and that our involvement helps your business ideas get from concept to revenue generating as quickly as possible.

  • Develop an overarching technology strategy and roadmap aligned with all functional business units.
  • Structure teams and resources for business growth and innovation in accordance with company goals and objectives.
  • Mentor and grow company talent.  Specifically technology, operations and product development teams.
  • Partner with marketing to establish public communications, social media and brand messaging.
  • Provide financial and legal insights and impacts from business and technology decisions.
  • Determine product and service feasibility, financial impact, competitive landscape analysis and industry trend insights.
  • Design and develop proof of concepts and forecasted P&L for investor presentations.
  • Define and/or manage the development of minimum viable products for market release.
  • Assess risks, operational efficiency, budgets, business plans and technology utilization within their company.
  • Identify potential intellectual property claims.
  • Assist with client sales and sales engineering efforts.
  • Architect solutions from company goals and concepts aligned with speed to market, financial resources, growth expectations and team talent.
  • Determine the right path to take when faced with technology obstacles or product development indecision.
  • Fill short-term talent gaps for technology, product development or operational teams.
  • Manage projects or teams on a part-time or interim basis.
  • Keep projects on budget and on schedule by leading or supporting project managers through complex implementations.
  • Research and identify, or by introduction, key vendors needed to fulfill specific product or service functions.
  • Identify and implement specialized functional services like machine learning, operational support systems, billing and ecommerce.
  • Hit milestones by rolling up their sleeves and coding every once in a while…or building a Linux server…or modeling a database…or configuring a Kubernetes cluster…
  • Drive product feature/functionality and market strategy.

Small and Mid-Market Services

For established companies it’s all about growth, innovation, quality and efficiency.  

Signing more deals.  Improving client alignment.  Adding new products, services and features.  Additional sales channels.  Better messaging.  Better branding.  Cost containment.  And continuously improving quality and customer value to keep product sales up and churn down.  All of these functions are critical to steady and continued business growth and stability.

Fortunately, small and mid-sized companies generally have structure and culture in place to maintain existing product and service operations.  Unfortunately, these teams are oftentimes hired and assembled to fulfill specific purposes related to keeping day-to-day operations up and running.  Growth and cost containment initiatives are sometimes an afterthought…

Our strategic business management consultants can help your organization assess current state and recommend solutions focused on revenue growth, quality improvements and cost saving initiatives.  Whether the need is strategic or tactical, they will adapt to your business environment and assist your teams with the support needed to move your business initiatives forward.

  • Transform technology strategy and planning to account for new business, aging infrastructure and competitive advantage.
  • Assess existing teams and processes for efficiency and quality improvements.
  • Identify administrative and operational automation opportunities to reduce overhead costs and delays.
  • Develop risk assessments, mitigation steps, compliance audit preparation, and business continuity plans.
  • Grow internal expertise, consistency and repeatable processes for new product and service operations.
  • Continuously improve brands through key feature / functionality additions and marketing strategy.
  • Identify new products and services that can be mostly or partially derived from existing systems, teams and processes.
  • Determine product and service feasibility, financial impact, competitive landscape analysis and industry trend insights for existing and new products and services.
  • Visualize and propose operational and technological opportunities to overcome growth constraints and inefficiencies.
  • Define and model P&L for development of minimum viable products to support new lines of business.
  • Plan and direct efforts for researching and developing new product and services concepts and business improvements.
  • Architect technical solutions and operational processes to support business growth, quality and efficiency improvements.
  • Help clients understand the benefits and detriments of technology architecture approaches, product / service feature selection and operational workflow decisions.
  • Work as short-term or interim technology, product development or operational talent.
  • Cover management gaps on a part-time or interim basis.
  • Keep projects on budget and on schedule by leading or supporting project managers through complex implementations.
  • Research, identify, or introduce key vendors needed to fulfill complex ecosystems services and operational functions.
  • Assist with complex software engineering concepts, processing pipelines, parallel processing and clustered services…to name a few.
  • Define and lead migrations for public, private and hybrid cloud implementations.
  • Perform compliance audit preparation and support mitigation of audit findings.  Specifically PCI, SSAE16, HIPAA and CPNI.
  • Drive product feature/functionality and market strategy.
  • Implement advanced technology teams and processes.
  • Document and establish formal, cross-functional change management procedures.

Large Enterprise Value Adds

For enterprises, everything is scaled up and quality, deep expertise, and brand reputation are key attributes.

Global topologies, highly available systems, geographic redundancy, service redundancy, multi-vendor solutions, dynamic error correction, clustered services and fault tolerance are some of the architecture considerations Avemac consultants encounter when working with enterprise organizations on technical implementations.  Not to mention the business implications of intercountry and regional rules and regulations.

Multi-level change control, dedicated quality assurance and business analysis teams, formal user acceptance testing and technical operations processes are also requirements to be considered, expected and understood when working with project delivery in large organizations.

Product development and business management also becomes very stratified with top-level executives working at a macro, industry level and business unit managers focused on specific markets and target demographics.  These additional layers of hierarchy require knowledge and experience to successfully navigate.

Same Value Adds - Only Bigger

The values Avemac Consulting provides for large, enterprise organizations are the same as the services and values provided to startups and small/mid-sized companies, only much bigger in scope, complexity and budget size.

Since enterprises typically have the means to support much heavier organizational structures, specialized departments and diverse teams, the Avemac consultant’s role within large organizations tends to become more focused on specific skills and experiences unique to the organization.

If your business needs focused advice regarding complex technology architectures, new product innovations or operational efficiencies, Avemac Consulting can help your company get to the next level of evolution.